Voters from ALL of Britain's ethnic groups want to see a reduction in the number of migrants coming to the UK.

More than three-quarters of people (79 per cent) believe that migration levels should be curbed - with people from every ethnic group supporting stricter controls, a report by campaign group Migration Watch found.

In a poll, 60 per cent of Asian respondents wanted to see immigration levels cut while 57 per cent of black respondents also wanted to see the number of foreign migrants reduced.

Of those classified as mixed ethnic origin, 60 per cent wished to see less immigration into Britain. And more than half of 'other' ethnicities - 56 per cent - wanted to see a reduction in migration into the country.

Commenting on the findings, vice chairman of Migration Watch, said: “The report confirms that the concerns of ethnic minority voters are very similar to those of everyone else and why wouldn’t they be. The way to appeal to the ethnic minority communities is to propose reasonable policies and reducing net migration to the level last seen in the early 1990s is entirely reasonable."

The news comes after a senior aide to former Prime Minister Tony Blair admitted the previous Labour government made a mistake over immigration.

The ex-advisor said that Mr Blair simply failed to comprehend the significance of new EU rules that dramatically expanded the number of people who could settle in the UK.

The Labour PM presided over one of the biggest influxes of immigrants in British history after the EU was expanded to include a further eight eastern European countries in 2004.

The Blair government assured voters the number of new arrivals from eastern Europe would be around 13,000. However, the figure rose to over one million.  


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