Below is just a tiny selection of some of our highly talented and skilled Britons from our past, whose original and modified inventions are still being used today.

Britain's contribution to the world in the fields of Art, Literature, Engineering, Science, Technology etc. has played a huge and vital part in enriching the lives of millions around the globe. Britain is home to numerous inventions and discoveries. Many inventions used today were created, or influenced, by the British. Most of Britain's best inventions were in the areas of technology, which both influenced and were influenced by the Industrial Revolution.

In a relatively short time span, incredible inventions and discoveries changed the look of the world in such fields as medicine, communications and transport. British scientists, engineers and inventors were responsible for many of these innovations. In the modern world, we now take for granted some of these life-changing British inventions and discoveries.
Every single country and culture on this planet today has benefited in some way or another from British inventions, creativity, vision and imagination.

The BEST talent lies right here in Britain, but is totally ignored. The British race are a talented, highly skilled, and creative bunch of people, who are presently being pushed aside in favour of cheap, sub standard, so-called 'talent' from abroad. We do NOT need to import immigrant skills and talents to this country. Investment in our own people should be made a priority. There is NO skills and talent shortage in Britain, as we are led to believe !


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